The Lash

Getting titilating images past the censor has always been a part of movie making.

Often though the producer merely wanted to convince the public that sordid thrills were to be had. Once their moeny was collected the audeince’s discovery that the presentation was boring came too late.

The most enterprising men of exploitation cinema were the men who traveled from town to town showing educational movies with suggestive titles and salacious promotional material.

Unholy BDSM Ritual

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Every Fantasy You've Ever Had


  1. dimwittol says

    Adults only, except during Family matinée.
    One thing to thank todays movie rating system, back then you couls slap Adults Only on any thing. Reminds me of the chapter in Huck Finn where the con-men put on a show, ” No women or Children Allowed.” As I remember; one of strips, paints his rear red , bounces across stage on all fours and out the door, followed by his confederates with the till.
    A real life memory; at county fair there was the “Frog Woman”, so called not because of her appearance (according to the painted banner she was a hot tomato) but because she could stay under water a remarkably long time. “But,” the kindly barker warned us, “as you know, amphibians when underwater, breathe thru their skins. If the skin is covered they suffocate. So the The Frog Woman, being considerably larger than others, must expose a considerable amount of skin. If you are easily offended do not enter.” I did not know about submarine skin breathing, after majoring in Biology, I still don’t know it, but I was real interested in seeing considerable skin and didn’t think I was easily offended. But I was shocked! Inside I saw a somewhat time, travel, and shop worn show girl dressed in….a one piece bathing suit! She jumped into a glass tank, swam behind a column to take a breath from a bubbling air hose, swam back out front and repeated the act several times. One thing, the “girls” in other cootchie shows were sweaty and grimy from their carney lives, at least Froggy got to take several baths a day.

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