Men Kidnapped, Feminized, Enslaved by The Agency

The Agency, Slave Trade by Europa

A ruthless organization of dominant women abduct, condition and feminize men. The males are to be sold an sissy slave maids to slave owners around the world.

feminized male sissy slave drawing 01_jpg.jpg

The men are forcibly retrained from their old life as man to mere property with bondage, whippings, humiliation and degradation.

feminized male sissy slave drawing 02_jpg.jpg

feminized male sissy slave drawing 03_jpg.jpg

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Bisexual Boy in Bondage

John Blackburn’s Coley was a bisexual young male with inexhaustible sex appeal and appetite.

Coley Running Wild was – I think – the only Coley story with BDSM elements.

At least one paperback collection is availble new on Amazon. Most seem to be out-of-print and expensive.

Bisexual Male Bondage Art

Bisexual Male Bondage Bondage Drawing

For me Coley’s chief appeal was as an example of something very rare: masculine androgyny.

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